Cassiopeia was born of a deep foray into the dream world, flying over childhood fantasies, sitting with smashed dreams, sifting through rubble in the wake of change, and staring into the eyes of loves lost. As an avid dream wanderer, Hannah Skelton often harnesses these psychedelic altered states which are natural to the human body.  She goes into the other worlds to forage for feelings, chasing after things that invigorate and terrify us; peering into corners of reality that we often don’t want to acknowledge, steeping in the flavors that are found there - the highs and lows that are ever present in our fumble through existence - grappling with them and pulling them out of the subconscious and into the morning. Her quivering, emotional melodies all too well embody the underlying pain of her melancholy themes.

John Battaglia paints a beautiful landscape with his guitar that is heartfelt, ambient, and often summoning an interstellar quality. Once shrouded in droning organ, a cosmic, goth rock emerges, anchored by Brian Gorman's (Tartufi / Rock Band Land) swirling, ever changing and thoughtfully placed rhythms.


Guitar / John Battaglia
Keyboard & Vocals / Hannah Skelton
Drums / Brian Gorman


oakland // san francisco


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Cassiopeia EP

by Cassiopeia
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